February 8-16 2020, SIBUR ARENA
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Question: Why have you decided to part with your partner Sara Errani and focus on singles tournaments? And what are the goals you set before yourself for the tournament St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy?

Roberta Vinci: We were the world top doubles players with Sarra for 3 years, we won anything we could… It’s really hard to play singles and doubles every week. Now I want to focus on singles only and try to do my best in this category, for now I am ranked 16th , , we’ll see … As to the tournament in St. Petersburg, I want to go as far as I can. I have a rather tough draw… I will play it match by match. I got a bye here, that gives me an extra day for practice and get a better feel of the atmosphere at the stadium. And then it is a must for me to do some sightseeing in St. Petersburg, because whoever I talked to before my departure told me it’s a beautiful city and it tells, judging by what I have seen so far.

Question: Your impressions from the tournament?

RV: I like everything. The organizers are very particular about details. The hotel is great and the food, too, there is even an Italian restaurant! It is just a bit cold for me, because I am a Southerner – from Taranto, but I’ll get used to it somehow.

Question: Have you become famous in Italy after your beat Serena Williams in the semifinals of the US Open-2015 and how do you take your popularity?

RV: Yes, after that win people would recognize me more often – at the airport hall after we flew in from New York, on the streets, in restaurants. People would just come up to me and say something nice or ask for an autograph. All of this is cool and feels really nice. There was a real boom in Italy after I beat Serena Williams in the US Open semifinals and, of course, after we played that All-Italian final and Flavia won the tournament

Question: Roberta earlier this season you said you will call it quits after this season is over. Is there any chance you can think better of it?

RV: Of course, I can still think better of it – if by the end of the season I still enjoy my game and I am still motivated, then, yes, I can think better of it and stay on the circuit for 2 or 3 more years. But not any longer.

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