11 February 2016

Question: During the match against Katerina Kozlova you played on the same level. Why did you lose?

Elena Vesnina: The match was uneven. I did everything right during the first set, but I felt if I were to lower my level he would take advantage of it. Katya showed some very good tennis. So, this is what exactly happened. I have to admit she played absolutely great from the baseline, and I started playing less aggressive in comparison with the first set. Katya seized this opportunity. And her serve was outstanding today as well.

Q: Why did you lose the initiative, despite the fact you took the first set and were one break up in the second?

EV: It’s difficult to play on the same level throughout the whole match without making errors. The opponent was very tough. Too bad I didn‘t take my chance in some games where I was up 40-0 or had break points. Sometimes I was rushing things up, but at the end of the day we both played pretty much on the same level. It’s sad enough, it wasn’t my day today. It’s tennis.

Q: Did you watch Darya Kasatkina’s match? She played right after you.

ЕV: Yes, I was watching the match on a massage chair. Dasha is a very tough player. She managed to beat an opponent who thrashed Mladenovic yesterday. But Dasha could survive through this high-speed match and ended up winning it.

Q: You won the Australian Open mixed event together with the Brazilian tennis player Bruno Soares. Did you agree to play mixed doubled with him in the future Grand Slams?

ЕV: When we reached the semifinals in Melbourne, Bruno asked me whether we could play together in the future if we make it to the finals. I said, yes, let’s try. And we already agreed on playing together at the French Open. I think, we will  play together at Wimbledon as well.

Q: Given such great results, you never talked to Bruno about taking Russian citizenship?

EV: Elena Dementieva texted me after we won the Australian Open. She said it’s time to naturalize this guy (smiling). I answered – Lena, we are working on it, to no avail for now.

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