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New book telling the story of St. Petersburg’s tennis off the press

The presentation of a new book titled “Tennis in St. Petersburg” – history and modern times” was held on Saturday at the tournament St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy. The Tennis Federation of St. Petersburg published the book jointly with the publishing house ‘Knizhny Dom’.

The book publication is attached to the centenary of St. Petersburg’s tennis, which was feted in 2013. Many representatives of tennis, tennis veterans and players from the two capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg – threw their weight behind the publication of the book.

The project was spearheaded by Vladimir Prokofiev, president of St. Petersburg’s Tennis Federation, and Kirill Makarov, the editor-in-chef.

Dozens of people contributed to the book, including numerous renowned tennis figures from the city of St. Petersburg. All local tennis veterans shared their stories and memories about the representatives of elder generations. The book tells the story of tennis in St. Petersburg from the very early days up until today. Lots of historical documents, archives and photos were studied by the authors and publishers during the work process. The publishers focused on the different aspects of tennis development.

The book features a wealth of interesting facts about the players, coaches, umpires, tennis clubs, tournaments and people who are included to the tennis infrastructure. There is something to be proud of with respect to St. Petersburg’s tennis history.

The pre-revolutionary period is mostly the history of Russian tennis. And St. Petersburg is the cradle of Russian tennis. The book authors revisit the Soviet era evoking such names as the ‘great five’ of the Emeritus masters of sports Evgeniy Kudryavtsev, Zinaida Klochkova, Galina Korovina, Eduard Negrebetskiy and Tatyana Nalimova.

The two words from the subtitle – history and modern times – reflect the authors’ approach to the book as they dwell both on the past and present of St. Petersburg’s tennis.

The Tennis Federation of St. Petersburg is hopeful the book will help keep in memory all the great achievements of the city tennis representatives. For the city can’t really consider itself to be the cultural capital of Russia without knowing well this sports discipline and its history. The book can also be useful for further development of tennis in St. Petersburg and Russia in general.  

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