Donna Vekic: “I hope I can go far here!”

>Donna Vekic: “I hope I can go far here!”
28 January 2017

After winning her 1st qualifying match against Aryna Sabalenka (Belarus) – 6/4, 6/2 Donna Vekic (CRO) shared her thoughts on the match after the victory.

– Donna, congratulations on the win! What can you say about the match and your opponent? Did you manage to complete what you planned for the match?

– It was a very good match. I started not so good, and Aryna started very well. She was hitting the ball hard, I was just getting used to her game, but later I found my rhythm and I was playing really good.

– Donna, you participated in the ITF tournament Neva Cup back last September and you were the runner-up. Are you happy to be back here?

– I love St. Petersburg. I had such a great time here last year, that’s why I came back. Both tournaments are very well organized. I hope I can go far here.

– A little bit personal question. How do you support Stan and were you watching the semifinal match during the Australian Open-2017 when Stan played against Roger Federer?

Smiling. Yes, I was watching the match.

– What would you like to visit in St. Petersburg?

– Last year I had no time to walk around. So, I really hope this time I will have more time to see this beautiful city.


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