30 January 2017

All the participants of the Tennis Family Day held at SIBUR ARENA on January 29, really like the slogan of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy and St. Petersburg Open tournaments – “It’s tennis time!».

The organizers prepared a lot of surprises for the people who like tennis, who visit the qualifications tournament and come to fill the stands with all their family members. A thrilling festival of tennis was held at SIBUR ARENA featuring contests, relay races, family competitions, master-classes and exercises with the rackets and balls. Everything was free and on top of that everybody got a gift from the partners and organizers.

«It’s our first Tennis Family Day held within the tournament. Nevertheless, we got a great feedback from the guests and visitors. Hundreds of kids and parents who took part in the competitions noted that this format is very successful and interesting. I think, we would keep it in our mind in the future and make it a good tradition to hold such events in the run-up to the tournament for kids and families», – said Natalia Kamelzon, Director of the WTA tournament St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy.

Two big zones were open to families on January 30 at the SIBUR ARENA. The first one was called “Family zone” where young kids could get to practice with the racket and the balls and also draw pictures. Aqua make-up gurus would also paint magic drawings on the children’s faces. The second zone was like a mini-court. There one could watch the stunts performed by tennis freestyler Stefan Bojic who came to St. Petersburg especially for the WTA event. He also held a clinic for everyone willing to learn tennis stunts with a tennis racket and a ball. The kids thoroughly enjoy hitting the tennis balls with their head and knees and then also hit the ball with the racket edge.

Anton, 39: «I took up many sports when I was young, including tennis. It was precisely sports that gave me the momentum and I still keep this momentum up until today and I try to pass on this expertise to my daughter and son. That’s why we are here today at this festival of tennis and we like it all».

Maria, 7: «I liked Stefan most of all. I didn’t succeed in doing all his stunts, but I gave it my best shot, and he offered me a gift and posed for a photo with me».

Pyotr, 5: «We came here with all my family – my mother, my father and my elder brother. I never played tennis before, but I’d like to try again».

Evgeniya, 35: «It’s a great leisure for a big family. And we have 3 kids, everyone has his own favorite pass-time. My husband looked at the girls-barbies. My elder son was hypnotized by virtual tennis and the small kids enjoyed jumping and running with the racket and the balls on the court».


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