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  • 07.12.2017, 11:31

Will St. Petersburg win the vote in St. Petersburg?

The cities candidates bidding to host WTA year-end Championships starting from 2019 are to make their respective presentations on Thursday, December 7, at WTA corporate headquarters in St. Petersburg , Florida, USA. The list of potential hosts include Prague, Manchester, Shenzhen, St. Petersburg (Russia) and Singapore which in 2018 will host the year-end WTA finale featuring the world’s top 8 singles players  for the fifth – and last – time, unless, of course, it wins the right to hold the event for another 5-year long period at tomorrow’s presentation.

Unlike Russia’s Northern capital, America’s St. Petersburg is situated not on the Gulf of Finland but rather on the Gulf of Mexico in the state of Florida, USA. Interestingly enough, this non-Russian St. Petersburg was founded 122 years ago, in August 1888, also by a Russian named Peter (just like the Russian emperor Peter-the-Great) who had the same patronymic “Alexeeivich”. His full Russian name was Pyotr Alexeevich Dementiev, a Russian nobleman, entrepreneur and literary scholar who had emigrated to America in 1881. According to a legend circulating amongst the dwellers of Florida’s St. Petersburg by word of mouth, Pyotr Dementiev who, once in America, took the name of Peter Demens, and his business companion John Williams tossed a coin to decide by lot who was going to give a name to the new city. Demens proved luckier and thus won the right to name the small American village after the then capital of the Russian Empire where he had lived previously.

We will find out real soon whether Russia’s St. Petersburg will get elected in America’s St. Petersburg. The answer won’t take long.


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