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Anastasia Potapova:”I saw this win in my dreams!”

The 16-year old Anastasia Potapova from Russia prevailed over the German Tatjana Maria – 6/2, 6/4. It was her first win in a WTA tournament’s main draw.

Anastasia, what are your impressions about your first WTA tournament win?

– I’m so happy to cruise into R2! You are right, it is my first win in a WTA tournament main draw and I’m glad it happened here in Russia.

– It seems to me that playing against Tatjana Maria is your destiny. Tell us about your first match against her. You had an injury, didn’t you?

– Yes, the first time I met Tatjana on a court was last year at Wimbledon. When the score was 2/1 in the second set I felt I couldn’t continue the match and retired. When I saw the draw of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2018 I thought – that your destiny! As I already said, I’m happy that this time around I was lucky to beat her.

– Probably the key moment of today’s match was when you were up 2/0 in the second set, but after that you started playing worse. You just relaxed?

– Yeah, by the way I want to underscore that during our first match I was leading 2/0 in the first and the second sets, but after that everything changed and she became better than me. Today when I was up 2/0 I remembered that moment at Wimbledon and said to myself: «Nastya, put yourself together, this game is yours». So, I focused and gave it 100%.

– Clearly, you are not a really experienced player yet, but could you compare players from the WTA and IT?

– There are some differences, but the major one is that here opponents are fighting till the end. The score doesn’t matter to them, no one would give you a point. At ITF tournaments if the match is not going your way, you probably will get upset and give up, but here they are playing till the end.

– Anastasia, you will play your next match against world No.1. How are you going to prepare for this match? What will be different in comparison with other matches? And what do you need to beat Australian Open champion Caroline Wozniacki?

– I won’t have any special preparation for this match. We’re all humans. Moreover she is flying from Australia right now and she could be a bit tired. But she is world No.1 and shows her best level. What will I do? I will enjoy this match and will see how it goes.

– You probably imagined your first victory in WTA in your mind. How could you compare the real victory to your expectation of it?

– I’ve even seem in a dream. Everything was the same. Great. Thank you!

– Do you often see tennis in your dreams?

– Pretty often, because I spend 20 hours a day on a tennis court.

– Do you feel you made progress in your game over the last several months? How was your off-season preparation?

– Of course, I see the progress. I feel stronger and confident on the court, when I’m playing in front of a big crowd. Three months of preparation really helped me. I can show everything that we prepared in the practice sessions.

– Tell us please about the atmosphere on the court? People supported you, didn’t they?

– The atmosphere was incredible! The show before match was very exciting. I’m happy that there are people who came to see my match, to support me. It means a lot to me.

– Tell us more about your team. It seems that there is a special atmosphere in your team.

– My team is like a family to me. We have really good relationships. They support me when I feel the pressure, they know what to say in difficult situations. I’m so grateful. I really love them.

– Speaking of the crowd in St. Petersburg – weren’t you afraid that people here won’t like you because you are a fan of Moscow’s football club FC Spartak (arch-rival of Zenit from St. Petersburg)?

– No, I even didn’t think about it (laughter).

– Since when gave you been a football fan?

– Before I didn’t really like football, but my agent is a huge football fan and his favorite football club is Spartak Moscow, so he initiated me to football as well and now I followed suit and became a fan of FC Spartak, tool.


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