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On January, 29 Jelena Ostapenko, the champion of French Open 2017, Julia Goerges, the winner of the WTA Elite Trophy in Zhuhai and Steve Simon, CEO WTA, visited the “Grand Maket of Russia” museum where everyone could see our vast country in miniature on a small scale: step by step following the guide, the guests of the Northern capital could move from town to town getting to know their main sights.

Elena, the museum’s guide, gave the guests a warm welcome and confessed she also plays tennis. She showed 7 courts and little figures of tennis players in miniature. The visitors were both by hand-made figurines and the general concept of the exhibition where Russia is shown in dynamics: one could see there there a huge model of Russia, “the 6th part of the world named Rus’ in miniature”. Everything is in motion and one sees people hurrying to their workplace, stopping at traffic lights, and the trains follows the narrow track… Here you can also see a hapless husband kicked out of home by his wife who is throwing his clothes out of the balcony. Every 15 minutes one travels all over Russia from East to West in a trip that lasts only 2 minutes. At night time the huge model of miniature Russia looks pretty nice and has its own charm. The time is compressed at this exhibition “Grand Maket of Russia” and during the excursion you can live a week in this mini-world, feeling yourself like a giant in the world of Lilliputians.

The tennis players really enjoyed the excursion and shared their opinion. “Actually it’s really impressive, I haven’t heard about this museum before but I think it’s really great as it shows almost all Russia here, also there are some special effects like moving things. It’s really great that I visited this museum. I really liked the ferris wheel”, – said Jelena Ostapenko. And Julia Goerges added: “I think that it shows passion and love that is behind the scenes. I think it is a hell of an effort to put all these little things together especially like little people and animals as well. I think you gotta have a really good hand to create those things. I think I wouldn’t be able to do anything like it. Just in general I think it’s great that I have seen this because you don’t get to see it really often. It’s just amazing. For me since I am a big fan of biathlon I loved the Sochi part of it where they run the biathlon race and where you could actually see the athletes shooting and running around that was the most impressive thing for me since I am a big fan of this sport. I have been to Sochi and this was in spring time, so it is a different part of it, and changing like what we see now with the time zones. There is a great idea behind it”.

As they were didding farewell to the museum, the special guests appreciated the gifts they were handed – the mugs and also some small but very cute tasteful souvenirs which will remind them of this day. Both tennis players were happy with this excursion and agreed with each other it was one of the best off-court activities they had done so far. The Latvian also remembered her last year’s excursion to the Faberge Museum which she really enjoyed.


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