27 January 2019

St. Petersburg’s tennis tournaments have a great tradition that the home crowd uphold. The name of this tradition is tennis «Family Day». Anyone who visits this event will tell you that every year tennis «Family Day» enjoys success. The amount of people who participate in this event is growing exponentially, the amount of gifts from the sponsors of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2019 is increasing, too, and applauses dedicated to «Family Day» participants sometimes sound lauder than the applauses dedicated to tennis players performing on the center court.

The tennis «Family Day» was held on January 27. The guests of the event were waiting for some activities that every tennis fan in St. Petersburg loves, for example, the performance of tennis freestyler Stefan Bojic. But «Family Day» staff had a surprise for everyone – one more talented tennis freestyler Maxim Kosolapov joined the event. They had a warm-up together and after that they fought a tennis battle of freestyling skills. According to the rules of the competition in order to win this battle one should earn more applauses than his opponent. Applauses to Stefan were louder, so he won that battle, because fans know him very well. Maxim will definitely have a chance to win over the audience because every day of this week the «Open Court» will take place at «SIBUR ARENA». During this tournament anyone who feels like it will have an opportunity to pick-up a racket and try to play tennis. Maxim Kosolapov will be there to share his knowledge.

Another highlight of the event was  Mikhail Youzhny’s appearance on the court of the «Family Day». Youzhny retired from professional tennis at St. Petersburg Open 2018. Mikhail Youzhny played with the participants of «Family Day» and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. There is no doubt that playing with Youzhny can be a great start of one’s professional tennis career. After the training Mikhail held a small autograph-session and posed for a photo with the guests.

At the end of the day after learning new skills from the more experienced cyber tennis players the guests could win prizes put on display by the sponsors of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2019 on the other side of the net – suffice was to hit the prize they liked best with a tennis ball to earn it. The «Open Court» will be on every day during the tournament week. Tennis freestylers and prizes will be waiting for all participants.

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