February 8-16 2020, SIBUR ARENA
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Anastasia, you’re in a great shape. How could you combine child care, you have three boys, and regular play on court?

Thanks. It’s all about my partner in the match of the legends Elena Dementieva. Every Thursday she takes me to the court, so we keep fit. Of course, you can’t relax with the children: you run, jump and every time you’re in a good shape.

Let’s speak about Vera Zvonareva: time was you played against her, then you were Russia’s team captain in Fed Cup, where she played, now she played in semis at St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy. What can you say about her?

We all admire her. To come back after giving birth to a child and to have such a good shape is really amazing! To keep pace with such high-speed tennis nowadays, it’s really cool. We can only commend Vera.

Could you compare today’s women’s tennis with those times when you played?

Tennis grows fast in terms of physical conditions of the players. It’s interesting to watch. New young players are coming, they are interesting and emotional. You can enjoy watching matches.

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