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Elena, you reached the finals of Pro-Am tournament with Alexander Medvedev and Mikhail Youzhny. What can you say about the matches and St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy?

It’s always a pleasure to come back to St. Petersburg and to feel such a great atmosphere here. It’s not my first time here, but it’s something new. Such great emotions from the players and crowd. Alexander Medvedev and his team make something unreal every time. The tournament usually has great players. There is the “Legends tournament”, the Pro-Am event, the clinics for children, everything is great. I enjoy myself to be here.

You’re in a good shape. Did you continue to share the court with Anastasia Myskina? Opponents on court, friends off court, right?

We played each other during our childhood, supported each other, won against each other, took offense at each other, than forgave. It’s a huge part of our lives. We have a lot to remember and to talk about. We don’t want to lose our experience, which we gained  througout our respective careers. It’s interesting to continue to play for ourselves and to get our children involved, too.

The slogan of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2019 sounds like «The Only». How can you describe it in terms of women’s tennis, being a unique player?

It’s a smart slogan, because every lady thinks about herself this way. Everybody comes here to win and to become the best. It’s a great motivation.

Nowadays you watch tennis on TV. How did it change as compared to the times of your active career?

There are a lots of tennis moms in the WTA-Tour right now. And we are talking not only about Vera Zvonareva. We also admire Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka. There are a lot of players who came back after giving birth to their child. Time was Kim Clijsters was a unique – to win a Grand Slam being a mom. But now it’s like a trend. If we speak about game levels nowadays, there are a lot of powerful girls, so strong, who show powerful and fast tennis. Tennis became more powerful.

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