February 8-16 2020, SIBUR ARENA
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Have you ever thought about what it feels like to play on the same court as top tennis players? On the beautiful and bright blue surface, with the magic letters «St. Petersburg»? And what if, on top of everything else, a camera is aimed at you, capturing your first tennis success? Add to the above security guards in dark suits,  silently watching during the rally. Now imagine that this happiness fell on you at the age of 9, when under the weight of a huge tennis bag you are slightly shifting backwards.

So, have you pictured this? That was exactly the gamut of feelings experienced by 23 young tennis players U12 who on Friday, February 1, took to the courts of  Dynamo tennis center where friendly matches between young players from Moscow and St. Petersburg took place.

Junior matches were held almost in the same way as the matches of senior players on center court of SIBUR ARENA. The shouting of the score by the young tennis players themselves, the tips from the coaches as to how and where hit the ball, as well as parents’ reminders that after the first unsuccessful attempt you can serve again – were the only things that distinguished junior matches from senior ones. By the way, there were plenty of parents in the stands of the Dynamo stadium. All members of players’ families as well as their mates from tennis academy came to cheer up for young players. There wasn’t really a competition between juniors from Moscow and St. Petersburg, on the contrary, the players supported each other and noted all strong components in the game of every participant.

These friendly matches, undoubtedly, will be beneficial for young players, because it is always useful to measure oneself against news players. In short, the upcoming weekend will go good to the young tennis players. Not only did they have an opportunity to play tennis with representatives of another tennis academy, they will also take part in tennis clinics and will be able to watch senior semifinals live, as well as the title match of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2019.

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