FEBRUARY 13, 14:00 - Doubles, 16:30 - Singles
February 5-13 2022, SIBUR ARENA


Martina Hingis: «The titles I won made for a compelling argument to persuade Roger Federer to team up with me!»

Question: Congrats on your win. Well done! We got lost counting your wins. Are you counting them yourselves? And what is your secret for that winning streak?

Sania Mirza: We are not counting them either (laughing). We play well together, we have fun on court, we have fun off court. And we suit each other well, that is amazing. We honestly thought we could play well together, but not as good as we are playing now.

Question: Martina, we remember those times when you were playing doubles with Anna Kurnikova, you won two finals at the Australian Open. What do you think of the new generation of players?

Martina Hingis: She was definitely the first one who brought some elements of show-business to tennis and sport, and I know this generation of Russian players like Anna Kurnikova and Elena Likhovtseva. She was the one for Russia who gave that aim for others, it was like a Russian-American dream. I also remember she was a great team player for three years.

Question: Sania, did you see Martina Hingiz playing alongside Anna Kurnikova in the 1990s?

Sania Mirza: I don’t think so. I think everyone has heard about Martina Hingis and Anna Kurnikova partnership, but in those times there wasn’t so much tennis on TV or on your computer, so it wasn’t as easy to get these matches all the time. By the way, Martina is not much older than me (laughing), she is just 5 years older, though she’s been around long.

Q: How did you like the atmosphere at the stadium? Also, in your tommorrow’s match you are facing Elena Vesnina/Daria Kasatkina, who won the Kremlin Cup. Do you think the crowd will be behind them?

Sania Mirza: For me, it’s my first time in St. Petersburg and it’s great to come out on court. It was great to see a lot of people. The atmosphere was really good. Especially the introduction today was unbelievable. Elena Vesnina is my ex-partner and a good friend of mine. I think, the crowd will be behind them but I hope some people will be supporting us , too.

Q: What were the arguments you found to persuade Roger Federer to team up with you for the Olympics?

MH: I didn’t. I just waited for ten month and after winning so many titles with Sania and becoming number one again and winning mixed titles, I’d say I was hoping that alone would be persuasive enough for Roger to partner with me.

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