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Daria, have you ever had such situation when there are five players left in the draw, but you haven’t stepped on court even once yet?

No, it is the first time. It is actually the first time somebody withdrew before the match against me and I had a walkover. Well, yeah, I haven’t experienced it before.

How do you find such experience?

Not a difficult one (laughter). You just keep practicing and that’s it. One more day-off on the schedule.


What’s wrong with your voice Daria? How’s your health?

Well, my health… Better, than yesterday, to be honest. I caught a virus. Yesterday, I spent a whole day in bed. Actually, it is a miracle I could step on the court and play some good tennis in my opinion.

Before the match against you, Vera Zvonareva said that she would be interested to play against you because this was your first head-to-head. How did you find your match against Vera?

Yeah, that is true, we haven’t played against each other until today. I also was really interested in how it would go. Vera played really well. She is like a wall. It is hard to score against her, especially on such surface. I like to play here, because it is difficult for my opponents to score against me on this surface. Today she played really well.

What had the biggest impact on your today’s defeat? The fact that Vera is a very strong athlete, the fact that you are sick or that you “sat out”the matches on the bench?

The fact that I was not ready for the match had a 100% effect on the result – this is true. But you gotta give credit to Vera, too, as she played a really good match and deserved to win today. As to your question about sitting out on the bench, on the contrary it helped me to train well and prepare well, it had no impact on my defeat, I think.

You’ve been struggling to find your game since the beginning of the season. for you. Any comments on this? What will you do?

What now? Now I am going to play that Fed Cup tie, after that I will keep practicing before the tournaments, I will keep playing. I believe, everybody has downs and then everything goes up.

It is common knowledge that when players have a difficult period, an eventual  good run in Fed Cup gives them the right shot in the arm and helps them to basically re-launch their career. Do you consider this scenario for yourself?

Quite possibly. I really have not played the Fed Cup for a long time, I miss this feeling, the unity of the team. I do not exclude the fact that I will come to play in Fed Cup and that’s what’s gonna happen.

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