March 13-21 2021, SIBUR ARENA
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Question is, does it feel nicer to beat world number 2 than, say, world number 42?

It is, of course, nicer (laughter)!

You didn’t let Petra use her trump cards and her strong points. What was your game plan?

My game plan was to be the first one to be aggressive, to open the court and try to make her run and defend. And obviously I wanted to serve well.

Who are you going to cheer for in the next semifinals? What kind of opponent would you like to get in the next match?

I really don’t mind any of them. They are both really good players. I am going to watch them a little bit now and will try to get ready with my team.

Why did you pick up this specific tournament? Maybe Iva Majoli, your compatriot, gave you some tips or somebody else?

Actually, the first time I came here it was for Neva Cup ITF and Iva was already here. She said that it is great here and I need to come to see around. It is great here. And now I’ve also played in WTA tournament in St. Petersburg. And it is really great here.

How can you explain this dramatic rise in your ranking? Ever since you played at Neva Cup ITF your ranking skyrocketed. How can you explain that?

Yeah, it was a couple of years ago, but I’ve been working hard, doing the right things (laughter). I think when you work hard it pays off and you will be successful. During last year it all started to come together for me. I started the year well and I hope I can continue like that.

When something doesn’t work for you, you have to compose yourself and get back into the match. Some tennis players would throw rackets, but what do you do to get back into the match?

Well, we have the WTA rule which allows us to request to see our coach. So this helps sometimes, the coach can give you advice and you have a chance to think about that.

To follow up on that question about the coach, you have a new coach who is working with you right now. What did he bring to your game and where is your base currently?

We’ve been working together for a year. We’ve been working a lot, in particular we are trying to improve my serve, to make it stronger, and we also work on improving  consistency. We practice a lot in Geneva in Switzerland and in Monaco.

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