March 13-21 2021, SIBUR ARENA


You were the Neva Cup event, you were runner-up of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy. What emotions do you have coming back?
I definitely love this city and especially this tournament. I think it is one of the best tournaments of the whole season so I enjoy coming back here. I am very grateful for receiving a wild card here so I can participate and hopefully play well at this amazing tournament. 
Any memories from 2016 when your reached the Top10 for the first time and it was here in St. Petersburg?
I have a lot of memories. Actually, it feels like it was yesterday, doesn’t feel like four years ago. Of course, I was a little bit younger and played great tennis. It is good to be back here. We really feel the welcome. I want to repeat this kind of memories.
Don’t you think that time flies fast because this year is th 5th anniversary for the St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy. It is held for the 5th time. What changed at the tournament?
Yeah, I think time flies. I definitely think that it is changing every year. Organization is great, but I think that they are adding little things – like the walk on court. I think, it is the best of the whole season. And just the small things of the whole show. 
What do you think about your physical form? Last year you won the tournament in Moscow and then played in the WTA Finals. What do you expect from this season?
My expectations are simple. To stay healthy, to continue playing good tennis and to be happy on court. And I think that then the results will come. I was happy about Moscow. I think that I have a lucky charm in Russia. Not only in terms of tennis but also off court. The places are so beautiful. I really enjoy my time here. 
You won the Neva Cup, then the Moscow trophy, do you think you need one more trophy to add to your collection from Russia?
I hope so. St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy will be nice. But I think it is a long way to go, I have to be focused on my first round. There are many great players here.




You can watch live broadcasting of matches here https://tv.formulatx.com/. The broadcasting is available only in Russia.


The tournament WTA St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2020 takes place at “SIBUR ARENA” from 10 to 16 February. The tournament is supported by the title sponsor “Gazprom export”.

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