March 13-21 2021, SIBUR ARENA


This match was easier in comparison to the previous one. Do you feel you are improving with every match or are your opponents are getting weaker the further you move through the draw?


I was not feeling good in my first match. I didn’t feel [comfortable] on the court and [with] the conditions. I think, the first very tough match really helped my game.


You are improving. Stefanos Tsitsipas is improving. Don’t you feel sad that Hopman Cup was cancelled? Because you could’ve played together?


We both are very sad about it. This year it is Olympics. We will play together – it is going to be fun time there!


You, your coach Tom Hill and your physio Daniel Pohl are both 24 years old. How does it feel to have such a young team?


It is not usual. It is pretty unique. You don’t often find young people who work together on tour and achieve good results. That’s a good thing about it. We have very good chemistry, the three of us.

Are you friends with your coach or do you keep your distance?


We are good friends. We laugh a lot. We enjoy being next to each other. Being together all year long can be tough sometimes, but in general it is good.


Greece isn’t known as a tennis country. How can you explain the phenomenon of the country’s improvement?


I know for a fact that my family and Stefanos’s family are very supportive. It was the biggest part of our success. They invested in us. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here.

And what can you say about tennis in Greece?


The major sports are football and basketball. Tennis is growing and becoming more popular. It is great that I see coffee shops in my home country where people are now watching tennis.


You really like coffee. What is your favourite type and where was the tastiest?


I normally drink espresso or double espresso. Rome, Italy has the best coffee. It is ease to answer, because it is true.


What about coffee in St. Petersburg?


It is great also.


A couple of days ago you visited the Diamond Room in the Hermitage museum, what were your impressions?


It was very impressive to see many different kinds of diamonds. There were also ancient Greek gold trophies.  It was very nice to see it as well. It’s crazy how so many years before they had these ideas and these creations. It would take me a lot of time to see the whole museum!


What is your favorite surface? And your favorite tournament?


I really like clay. I like French Open and Australian Open, St. Petersburg. I also like Moscow a lot. These are my favorites.

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The tournament WTA St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2020 takes place at “SIBUR ARENA” from 10 to 16 February. The tournament is supported by the title sponsor “Gazprom export”.

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