March 13-21 2021, SIBUR ARENA

Natalia Kamelzon: “These tough times will pass and tennis is sure to return to the world arenas”

The CEO of “Formula TX” company, director of the WTA tournament St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy, executive director of the ATP tournament St. Petersburg Open, Honored Coach of Russia Natalia Kamelzon addressed the team of tournament organizers, the players, the fans, the sports community at large and the media.

Dear friends!

As the going gets tough for tennis and for all of us, let me address my words to all those who relate to our beloved sport.

Today we don’t hear the habitual sound of tennis balls flying off the racket, stadiums and umpires’ chairs remain empty, ball kids, physios, coaches and their trainees are staying at home in confinement while players are bending over backwards to keep up their shape, practicing in extreme conditions, hitting the ball against the wall inspired by Roger Federer.

These tough times will pass and tennis is sure to return to the world arenas. Are we up for a “long tie-break” or a “marathon five setter”? We must be ready for all options and whatever the case might be we should stay positive, continue to love tennis and be ready for the tournaments when play resumes.

This is exactly what ATP and WTA leaders are doing as they work on different calendar versions meant for the fall of 2020. I believe a positive turn of event will allow our 25th jubilee tournament St. Petersburg Open 2020 to take its place in that calendar. We still hope it will be held within the previously set dates or a bit later.  I also believe our 6th women’s tournament St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2021 will be held, too, we are all readying our mind for it.

I now call upon my dynamic ambitious team who has been working like a well-oiled machine for the fifth consecutive year on the organization of our tournaments. I do cherish your input and I am proud of you because I know I can rely on everyone!

Thanks to you, our fifth jubilee tournament St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2020, named WTA’s Best Tournament in its category for the second consecutive year, was a smashing success again.

We are happy we could hold it at the highest possible level, even though the world was already facing that coronavirus pandemic whose scale none would dare predict at that point.

The hardships we experience these days were meant to make us even stronger. I am confident that tennis, its main protagonists and millions of their fans all over the world will pass these tests.

I wish all the players to take care of their health and physical shape – trust me, you will need them when matches of the pro tour resume. You are the main protagonists of our tournaments along with our loyal tennis fans, the mass media, the sports community.

I wish you all self-discipline, courage and patience. Abide by all enacted rules and be ready to flock to the stadium again when it is safe to do so both for you and your tennis idols.

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