March 13-21 2021, SIBUR ARENA

Natalia Kamelzon: “I am sure St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2021 will be a success!”

According to the revised calendar, the WTA 500 series tournament St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2021 is now scheduled to take place from March 15 to 21

The dates were changed because the Australian Open was moved and will kick-off on February 8 this season. In parallel to the event in St. Petersburg the WTA will hold its WTA 250 series tournament in Monterrey (Mexico).

-We do understand whence the changes in the calendar and we are grateful to the WTA leadership for coming up with a new tournament calendar in such a short period of time as this will make the current season more predictable than the previous one. Sure, this time around instead of a winter tournament we are going to have a spring event, but that doesn’t bother us in the least – just like the fact that a tournament in Mexico will take place in the same dates, – St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy tournament director Natalia Kamelzon noted. – Both these events are held at different continents, each tournament has its own circle of regular participants – besides, our tournament has a higher category and therefore a bigger prize money fund, so we expect to pull-off a strong lineup. The players are willing to come to St. Petersburg for they know they should anticipate a hearty welcome – not fortuitously, our tournament was named best in its category for two years in a row.

The preparation for the St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2021 is already underway notwithstanding the ongoing pandemic.

Most importantly, our country managed to avoid a lockdown which we are witnessing in a number of leading European countries and in the U.S. It still makes it possible for us to host major sports events – mind you, without the mandatory quarantine upon arrival which is really important for professional athletes as all they have to do is produce a document certifying a negative COVID test – this with all due respect to strict precautions. We will tap on the unique expertise of holding the men’s tournament St. Petersburg Open 2020 which proved to be a success despite all the challenges we faced as we were vigilant to abide by a strict health protocol. We were able to overcome these challenges thanks to cohesive team work. I am sure it will also be the case this time around.

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