March 13-21 2021, SIBUR ARENA


– You said at yesterday’s press-conference that you need to show you maximum to beat the former World number 2. Did you manage to implement your plan? Did you have enough physical and emotional strength to do so? 

– Today I maintained my concentration for the first four games only. Then I had a lack of stamina to play my best.

– It seemed like you tried to snag on the match-points saving them, playing risky. Was it the last desperate attempt?  

– Often, I understood how to play against a particular opponent only on match-points. And I started to play actively but it was too late.  

– You have played such unbelievable matches at the tournament. Probably your friends, relatives, family were sending some nice messages. Which were the most memorable ones?

– Many people wrote to me saying they were cheering for me with many pleasant words and telling me that they were surprised with the level of my game. In general, it was very pleasant that people were supporting me with the whole families.


– What did you coach tell you? 

After todays’ match, she said I did well and I had a great tournament and that I should keep on going, keeping this level.

– Two rounds in Abu Dhabi, the St. Pete’s quarterfinals… Have you already felt yourself at home on the WTA-Tour? And what are your plans now? 

– For sure I got used to the atmosphere and to the players, to organizers and I’d love to stay here longer. And then I am planning to take a break for 3-4 weeks to recover and then I will switch to the clay season. And I will start it from Istanbul.  

– Maybe you or the members of your team have already figured out  your new ranking positions. What spot will you take on Monday?

– The coach told me yesterday I will reach the Top200 and we haven’t looked at it closer to be honest.

– You are doing long posts on your Instagram account and recently you said that you were reading lots of books about tennis techniques. Maybe you have a diary where you are putting notes on some game plans?

– I have my notes in my phone where I can write my thoughts. Usually, I am doing them on the road and sometimes even post these texts.

– There are sportsmen who enjoy speaking to the media and like the attention and there are ones who don’t.  What is your attitude towards journalists?

– I think it’s my thing. I like to talk in front of a camera. I even started to write my blog and I feel myself nice in this topic.

– Has the number of subscribers increase after such outstanding performances?

Yes, it has increased significantly – twice or even more.

– Now tennis is going through a difficult time, like the whole sports world. Athletes have to live and train in a safe bubble. How do you emotionally handle it? How would you describe this “bubble life” in your blog?

– Now there are so many things to do, I didn’t even think about going somewhere to get distracted. I think I’m not ready to comprehend it yet.

– Are you ready to write a book on this topic yet?

– (laughter) No.

– You have earned quite a decent amount of prize money here. Will you somehow pamper yourself, your coach, your mom?

– Tomorrow we are planning to go to the theater with friends from St. Petersburg. I think I will take along my mom as well. I always try to pamper my loved ones, so nothing will change.

– What’s the play? What are you going to see?

– We will go to a musical. My friends haven’t told me the name of it yet.

– It not your first time in St. Petersburg. Do you have any favorite places in the city?

I really like St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which is next to our hotel. The Nevsky avenue is a very beautiful place as well. The whole city attracts me.

– Let me ask you a question about your preferences in the fashion industry. What designers do you like?

I probably can’t remember the names. I really like Russian designers, graffiti – in this style.

– Now you have to talk to journalists all the time, and your name is heard by many people. Maybe your manager or your agent will find some sponsors for you?

At the moment I do not cooperate with any agents or managers. I think I will negotiate something after this tournament.

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