March 13-21 2021, SIBUR ARENA


On Saturday, March 20, a press-conference of the participants of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2021 closing show was held in the spectators’ zone of SIBUR ARENA. Eva Gabulova, show director of St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy and St. Petersburg Open tournaments, unveiled some secrets as to the concept of this year’s closing show. This year, the spectators will see a motivational show dedicated to the difficult year of 2020, after which life will never be the same. The organizers of the show want to motivate tennis fans – to encourage them to do something, to change their lives for the better and most importantly – not to feel down in difficult times and continue to act. Therefore, the organizers invited people, who did not stop their development in 2020 and continued their work, to speak on the show in order to inspire the audience of tomorrow’s closing show with their example.

“The whole world on the court” is the slogan of the entire tournament, which, on the one hand, emphasizes its international status, since tennis players come from all over the world; and on the other hand, tomorrow, during the closing ceremony, representatives of completely different areas united by the desire to move forward and reach new heights will gather on the central court.

Then Eva Gabulova gave the floor to the headliners of the closing show and the participants of the “Tomboys” TV-project Katya Vanysheva and Natasha Goncharova, who shared their success stories with the audience, talked about their plans for the future and expressed their admiration for the tenacity of the tennis players. Another participant of today’s press-conference and tomorrow’s closing show was Stanislav Kokorin, Honored Master of Sports, five-time medalist of the World Climbing Championships, who found a way to train and improve his skills without leaving home during a pandemic. Stanislav compared climbing with tennis, where, just like in his sport, speed, accuracy, endurance and fortitude are essential.

At the end of the press-conference participants answered questions from the audience and invited them to tomorrow’s show, which will take place on the center court immediately after the finals singles match. The organizers of the closing show promised to surprise again the tennis crowd.

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