FEBRUARY 13, 14:00 - Doubles, 16:30 - Singles
February 5-13 2022, SIBUR ARENA


Can we say that you played a perfect match today? It seemed like you felt pretty comfortable out there…

For sure, it was a really good match. I was pretty solid, my serve, I think, was the key of the match. Serving with the first serve and with the second as well, I was pretty aggressive. Overall, it was a good match.

From the stands it looked like Petra wasn’t in her best conditions, she was not so encouraged to play, to do well, what do you think about it?

To be honest, the first set and till the middle of the second set I didn’t look at her too much. I was trying to play my game, to be as aggressive as I could. In the middle of the second set I was looking at her and she was a little bit frustrated because the balls were  not going on her terms. You have good days and bad days – this is tennis and we have to accept it.

You are for not the first time in St.Petersburg, you also were in Moscow. What is your impression from the Northern capital as we call St.Petersburg?

Well, I have to say, that I am always happy to come to Russia. I always play well here. I played a couple of times in Moscow, I had good results there. The facilities and everything here from the hotel, to the court – everything is good and you are trying to help us as much as you can. So I like to play here and I hope to play my tennis tomorrow.

Today is the day of Romanian tennis at SIBUR ARENA. Why do Romanians play so well here?

We are so good, Romanians, at the moment. If I am not wrong, there are 5 Romanians in the Top100 and even more in the Top200. It is a good generation, it is normal to have some good results at this tournament. And as I said, from my point of view, it is a good tournament, we are feeling good. That’s why we are playing well here.

Your next opponent is Tereza Martincova. You played her once and she won, but there were 3 sets and a tie-break. Do you know how to play against her now?

Yes, I ve played her once, it was a tough match. I lost that match, but I know, it was a really close one, so I had my chances. Obviously, I will talk to my coach and we will think how to win this match. Anyway, It will be a difficult match, it is the quarterfinal of a big tournament and will try to win.

Tereza had a day off today, while you played a match. Do you think it will help you, that you played today, or her day off will help Tereza?

I don’t think it matters. It depends on who will adapt tomorrow better. As I said, it will be a difficult match, so I don’t really think the day off matters here.

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