FEBRUARY 13, 14:00 - Doubles, 16:30 - Singles
February 5-13 2022, SIBUR ARENA


During your on-court interview you said you weren’t satisfied with the way you played, and that you had played your first two matches better. What exactly did not you like from the technical point of view?

Overall, I made too many unforced errors, I was rushing it too much… I played well on important points, though. Still, I think I was more committed during my first two matches, made fewer errors, and still played offensively. Today I was rushing it. My opponent has played well today, she hasn’t made many errors and has served well. Generally, I am satisfied with the result, but I think I could have played better and won in straight sets.

You are very emotional; it is clear when you are happy or upset. As for your opponent, she didn’t show any emotion during the entirety of the match. Do you notice the body language of your opponent to understand what psychological state she is in? And how do you get the understanding of this state if another player doesn’t show any reaction to her good shots and errors?

I try to focus more on myself and my game, not pay too much attention to my opponent. Clearly, I am an emotional person. Perhaps, today I’ve been like that because I really wanted to win. There are many people supporting me here, including my family. I really like this tournament, I would like to stay here longer. So, I’ve been really trying to put up a fight. I couldn’t play as well as yesterday or the day before, but I fought and won the match.

You played for two and a half hours. How well are you physically to play in the semifinal? The next match will most likely be as tough as today’s.

I am not thinking about the next match so far. I am enjoying this victory, although it was a tough one. The match is tomorrow, so, I have time to prepare and learn about my opponent’s game before we meet on court.

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