FEBRUARY 13, 14:00 - Doubles, 16:30 - Singles
February 5-13 2022, SIBUR ARENA


It seemed that, especially in the beginning and in the tie-break, your opponent had a thought-out tactic – she didn’t hit the balls too hard, she just sent them deep and high. Do you agree that she followed this tactics and did this tactic really bother you?

Yes, I agree that she played like that, this is what she uses, she does it with everyone. It is a good way to mix up the pace, she varies the strength of the strike. Sometimes after she hits, the ball dies. She does it great, I should give her credit, but still I was able to find the strength in myself and in the end I won.

Such matches are very difficult for coaches. What did the coach tell you after the match?

Obviously, they didn’t say anything special. Just that I did a good job, gave me time to relax – I was lying on the massage table, relaxing. So I think that a more detailed analysis will be in the hotel room. They’re pretty satisfied with the way I found to win, but personally I’m not happy with my attitude, I’ve shown too many emotions, I’ve complained too much.

Who was your favorite player, the one you looked up to when you were growing up?

I have to say that my biggest love in tennis is Rafael Nadal. He’s still my idol, he’s a great example for children. It’s hard to do on the court what he did on a court and continues doing.

We’ve seen your Instagram posts recently in Russian, can you really speak the Russian language?

I would really like to learn Russian, this is exactly the language that I would like to speak.  By the way, one of those who helps me with social network is a Russian. And he is from St. Petersburg as well, he watches matches here.

Did you manage to learn any words that were shouted to you from the stands during the matches? Maybedavai“?

Yes, I know davai” because I hear it all the time and I know what it means.

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