FEBRUARY 13, 14:00 - Doubles, 16:30 - Singles
February 5-13 2022, SIBUR ARENA

Behavior on tennis tournaments

Behavior on tennis tournaments:

  1. This credential gives the right to get a free seat on tribune(s) stated on the front face of credential. It is not subject to transfer for third parties and replacement in case of loss or damage. The visitor has to save the credential up to the end of the event, show it under the demand of officials and also observe rules of behavior during conduction of sport competitions, stated in the regulations of RF Government No. 1156 dated 16 December 2013 and on the official website of the tournament www.formulatx.com
  2. The following actions are prohibited during the game: move around the tribunes, shout and use different noise effects, mobile phones with sound signals, photo cameras with flash and professional video- and photo cameras (focal distance is more than 300 mm), applaud after a mistake during the first serve.
  3. We ask you not to use whistle flutes on the territory of the stadium.
  4. It is accepted to return back on the playground ball, which flied out to spectators during the game.
  5. It is strictly prohibited: bring weapon, explosive and bulk items, smoke in lobby and on tribunes, bring glass bottles, cans and alcoholic drinks to tribunes, conduct different advertising and political campaigns, distribute and sell production of advertising and souvenir, political and religious character (including posters, leaflets, booklets, branded clothes, baseball caps, etc.) and also make any actions, which disturb other people and conduction of the event.
  6. It is prohibited to use laptops on tribunes and arena of the sport complex “Sibur Arena”.
  7. The owner of credential accepts all the risks connected with attendance of the event.
  8. Photos, audio- and video recordings made by spectators during the event, cannot be used for sell, publication in mass media sources, in the Internet and other commercial distribution.
  9. Organizers of the event reserve right to make photo- and video shooting of the stadium, spectators and participants of the tournament with further application of received materials to promote the event.
  1. On the stadium during the match owners of certification are prohibited to accumulate and distribute (transfer, publish) any data on the current score of the match and also any other statistical information in commercial or bookmaking purposes.


Violators of the set rules will be removed from the stadium.

Directorate of the tournament.

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